Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dividend Growth Portfolio, March 2012

Before I go into depth for the Portfolio Series, I will outline my personal dividend growth portfolio.

The purpose is mainly to use as reference and to track the income growth of this portfolio. The goal of the portfolio is to build an asset base that will produce an increasing stream of income which out paces inflation.

I will go over the details in a later post, but for now, the yearly goals for this portfolio are based on an initial income amount, and growth of this amount by 20% per year. I am using 20% because it represents a 10% increase from new funds, and 10% from the growth of existing income streams. 20% also represents a doubling of the income stream every 3-4 years (Rule of 72 is that 72 divided by growth rate = years it takes to double). I think it is a feasible goal in the long term. Feel free to use a reasonable annual growth target that is within your own financial situation.

The following are the stocks the portfolio current holds. The first four are held in Canadian Dollars, the rest are held in US Dollars. I suppose if things keep up, maybe we can hold Icelandic stocks soon in canadian dollars too (haha). I've also included the annualize income stream from each holding. It gives you a rough idea of the allocation inside the portfolio. All of the holdings pay dividends once every 3 months.

March 2012 Update:

March 2012 Annualized Dividend: $3741.60
End of 2012 Goal: $3800 to $4000

These stocks are not meant to be current recommendations for potential investors, as I've held some for many years now.

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