Saturday, February 15, 2014

McDonalds Analysis

The McDonald's name and brand needs no introduction. The "golden arches" company is the world's biggest quick serve restaurant operator. In many parts of the world, McDonald's is a symbol of an American way of life. In poorer areas of the world, McDonald's is also a safe bet for a clean washroom and cheap meal.

  • The world's largest quick serve restaurant
  • Over half the countries (119) in the world have a McDonald's restaurant
  • 35,000 locations world wide, serving 68 million customers each day
  • a leader in increasing the standard of service in emerging markets

Unlike Johnson & Johnson which has a myriad of subsidiaries & products, McDonald's concentrates on its core competency, serving delicious food quickly for a reasonable price! McDonald's strength is not just the corporation itself, but owner/operator franchisees. Many of its now famous products were invented by owner/operators, such as Big Mac (1968), Quarter Pounder (1971), Egg McMuffin (1975), and Canadian developed McFlurry (1997).