Friday, June 1, 2012

Dividend Growth Portfolio, June 2012 Update

As May comes to a close, it's that time of the month again. It is time for a review of my Dividend Growth Portfolio! Here is the June 2012 update for my Dividend Growth Portfolio.

New Purchases
I made one purchase this month. I added 25 shares to my existing MCD position, which adds $70 to my annual dividend income stream based on current quarterly payments

McDonalds - $70.00

There were no equities divestitures this month.

Intrinsic Dividend Changes
Bank of Nova Scotia - $4.40 (DRIP reinvested shares)
Intel - $30.30 (quarterly div raised from 21 to 22.5 cents)

May 2012 Annualized Dividend: $3874.16

+ $70.00 (from new purchases)
-  $00.00 (from sales)
+ $34.70 (from intrinsic changes)

June 2012 Annualized Dividend: $3978.86
End of 2012 Goal: $3800 to $4000


  1. MCD is a great company. I bought some last year and might add more to my position in the future. Good luck with your dividend year end dividend goal (^_^). I think you'll surpass $4,000 for sure.

    1. thanks! im expecting a few more intrinsic increases as well, so i dont see a problem in hitting the goal either.