Monday, August 13, 2012

Future of America, Path to Prosperity

What a nice weekend! I went to my friend's engagement party. The Olympics finally ended. North American farmers finally got some rain, albeit perhaps too late. And Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP running mate for the 2012 US elections.

The light at the end of the tunnel just got a little bit brighter.

I've been a huge fan of Paul Ryan since he begun pushing for Social Security and Medicare reforms. I believe that the majority of Americans agree with him in principle, but suffer from the typical NIMBYism (not in my backyard). Everyone knows these programs need to be reformed, and benefits need to be cut, but no one wants their own benefits cut. Everyone wants something for nothing.

What happened to good old American entrepreneurship and capitalism?
I have faith that American capitalism is not dead. It's just laying dormant for a little while.

Count me in as one person that is hoping Romney and Ryan can return America to a place where those who are smart, willing to take calculated risks, and hard working, will succeed and prosper. A land where not everyone is equal, but everyone has equal opportunity.

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