Monday, March 24, 2014

Dividend Growth Portfolio, March 2014 Update

2014 has certainly been an interesting year so far. Thus far, as Q1 is coming to an end, TSX has been outperforming the S&P 500 to the tune of 5%. But wait, all performance is not the same. Since January 1, CAD has depreciated some 6% against the USD. Each Canadian Dollar only buys 0.893 US Dollar now. What does this mean for Canadian investors?
  • higher cost of imported retail goods
  • higher cost of fuel
  • higher cost to invest in US equities & other US dollar denominated assets
  • higher cost of cross-border shopping
  • paper gains on US dollar assets
Perhaps this is a good time to convert some USD back to our monopoly money (trust me you'll miss having color coded money if you live in the US long enough!) 

New Purchases 
($ amount represents expected dividends in the next 12 months from new shares)

  • Philip Morris: purchased 25 additional shares of $PM. Currently pays a quarterly dividend of 94 cents, which adds $94 to my annual dividend received
  • Rogers Communications: purchased 50 additional shares of $RCI.CA. Currently pays a quarterly dividend of 45.75 cents, which adds $91.50 to my annual dividend received


  • Boeing: sold 15 shares of $BA. At current quarterly dividend of 73 cents, this represents a decrease of $43.80 from my annual dividend received

Intrinsic Dividend Changes

  • CN: $CNR.CA hiked its quarterly dividend 16% from 21.5 cents to 25 cents
  • Rogers: $RCI.CA raised its quarterly dividend 5.2% from 43.5 cents to 45.75 cents
  • Coca Cola: $KO boosted its quarterly dividend 8.9% from 28 cents to 30.5 cents
  • HCP: $HCP raised its quarterly dividend 3.8% from 52.5 cents to 54.5 cents
  • General Dynamics: $GD hiked its quarterly dividend 10.7% from 56 cents to 62 cents
  • Bank of Nova Scotia: $BNS.CA raised its quarterly dividend 3.2%* from 62 cents to 64 cents
  • Toronto Dominion Bank: $TD.CA raised its quarterly dividend 9.3%** from 43 cents to 47 cents (split adjusted)
*Canadian banks typically raise the dividend semi-annually
**TD commented they may not have a 2nd dividend hike this year and instead did one big hike


  • December 2013 Annualized Dividend: $5933.73
  • March 2014 Annualized Dividend: $6251.51
  • End of 2014 Goal: $6900 to $7300
  • YTD Dividends Received: $1352
  • 2014 Dividends Received Goal: $6100
  • YTD Intrinsic Dividend Growth: 3.83%
  • YTD Dividend Growth from New Funds and/or Re-balancing : 3.30%

This marks the 13th consecutive quarter of increasing income from dividends since I started keeping track in March 2011! It has been a slow process but hard work and persistence really pays off!


  1. Do you mean 2014 dividends? Good job on the overall increase on your dividends... Mine has gone downhill since I sold out my Chemtrade which was a boo boo on my part.

  2. I'm so glad our currency is colour coded. It makes sorting through my wallet a lot easier. I like your goals. And your portfolio is showing some nice progress. I'm thinking about buying up some more Rogers Communications as well. I currently have 67 shares but would like to own an even 100 shares. People say the market is near all time highs, but who knows. Maybe it still has some more room to grow. How are your dividend stocks doing now? Maybe we'll see a Q2 update on your blog soon :)

    1. yes i've been neglecting blogging as i've been very busy! i'll update soon :) thanks! monopoly money is better than US money where its all green :P