Saturday, October 13, 2012

Portfolio Activity

Just a short portfolio update about what's been going on lately.

As my Twitter followers saw, the past two weeks saw increased activity in my Dividend Growth Portfolio (DGP). In the first week of October, I sold Abbott Labs after a healthy run from high 40s to just past 70. Around the same time, I also sold Honeywell, for a small profit.

The two trades were executed for similar reasons on some levels, both being executed partly or fully to reduce volatility exposure as the market climbed to multi-year highs. Abbott had climbed nearly 50% from my average purchase price, and Honeywell is notoriously more volatile than the broad market. Abbott also had the added property of going thru a split up process. I was not comfortable with the characteristics of the new companies, and thus decided to no longer invest in either company.

This week saw me redeploy some of the cash gained from the previous sales. The goal was to find investments that either represented either very defensive and recession resistant businesses, or had some combination of low valuation, and macro tail winds. The result was additional investments into existing positions in Boeing, and McDonalds. I believe these will be very good investments when looking back in a few years.

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  1. McDonald's all the way! I should increase my position in that company as well. Maybe when it dips again hm.