Friday, November 2, 2012

Dividend Growth Portfolio, October 2012 Update

The wheels on my investments go round and round, round and round, round and round.

Finally sold some investments to rotate into ones I felt had better valuation in October. I reinvested part of the proceeds from the sale of Abbott Laboratories back into McDonalds, which promptly got clocked by its earnings call. Although the fact Abbott also got nailed makes me feel a bit better, at least for the 40% that I didnt re-deploy, and left as cash.

My other move was to take some profits in a TFSA investment, Honeywell. I didn't re-deploy this cash and it's actually still sitting there as of today. I mainly just wanted to lock in gains for the TFSA, as I had a goal of having $27,000 in there by end of this year, representing a 7k profit from base of $20,000 (4 years). I did find some more USD, and add to Boeing, a company I like a lot at these valuations.

So wrapping up October, I'm sitting on ~5% cash, which is above average for me, and looking for opportunities to deploy some of that. I don't feel obligated to meet my whisper goal immediately, because I'm still waiting on dividend increases from BA, BDX, and EMR.

Happy Halloween, and allow me to leave you with Top 5 funniest pranks courtesy of Toronto Star. Zombie Drive Thru! LOL

New Purchases
McDonalds - $77.00
Boeing - $47.52

Abbott Laboratories - $142.80
Honeywell - $59.60

Intrinsic Dividend Changes
There were no intrinsic dividend changes this month

September 2012 Annualized Dividend: $4336.62

+ $124.52 (from new purchases)
-  $202.40 (from sales)
+ $00.00 (from intrinsic changes)

October 2012 Annualized Dividend: $4258.74
End of 2012 Goal: $3800 to $4000
Whisper Goal: $4400


  1. You're doing well in your TFSA! I've heard others on TFSA, really doubling their money on RFD. I on the other hand have made mistakes when I first started on the TFSA. Invested in some risky stocks that didn't pan out. Now I am just a little above $20k now.

  2. my TFSA is quite boring actually. only made 2k from trades. out of remaining 5k, $800 is dividends, and the rest is mostly unrealized capital gains in CNR & RCI.B